Serbian 'Electric Man' Can Withstand Million Volt Shocks and Store Power Like a Battery

Serbian 'Electric Man' Can Withstand Million Volt Shocks and Store Power Like a Battery

A Serbian man has the remarkable ability to withstand million-volt electric shocks that would kill a normal person. Biba Struja, who grew up in a tiny village in Serbia, can even store energy like a battery and cook food with just his bare hands.

Mr Struja will appear tonight on the Channel 4 documentary Man vs Weird, where he will put his powers to the test, including withstanding a shock of one million volts.

He explains: “I first discovered my power when I was a young man. I accidentally pulled a live cable from the ground – the voltage should have killed me but I was immune to the shock. I don’t know if this power is from God but we’re all born with talents. I believe I was born to do this.”

The Daily Mail reports that Mr Stuja’s best friend Sevage, who was with him on the day he discovered his powers, said: “We were working with high voltage cables and I got a massive electric shock. I dropped the cable but for Biba it wasn’t a problem. It was truly incredible.”

His wife Maria adds: “He’s a phenomenon. He was just born this way. I accept him this way. His power and the money it brings is good for the family.”

Mr Stuja now makes a living by running an electro-therapy clinic from his home. He uses his electrically charged hands to treat people with conditions such as arthritis and muscle pain.

His abilities have taken a toll, however. His fingernails are charred and he has lost all his hair, including his eyelashes.

Aside from his ability, he was also born without sweat glands, which doctors believe may be linked to his electrical abilities.

“This is a problem for me because I don’t sweat. In the summer, I wear wet clothes to stop myself overheating,” Mr Struja said

He adds: “My nails are burned because of the treatment I give people. My right hand conducts better than my left.”

Despite the hazards, Mr Struja appears to enjoy his abilities. “If you asked me my favourite superhero, I have to say, it would be me!” he says.

‘Man vs Weird’ is broadcast on Channel 4 tonight at 10pm British Summer Time