'If You Own a Garage Vote Nigel Farage' Claims 'Pro-UKIP' Guerrilla Graffiti Group

'If You Own a Garage Vote Nigel Farage' Claims 'Pro-UKIP' Guerrilla Graffiti Group

An ostensibly pro-UKIP guerrilla graffiti group is bringing Nigel Farage’s face and UKIP’s message to the garages of England – in an attempt to show popular, local support for the political party.

The campaigners are using removable decals to deface garage’s across Cambridgeshire and further afield. The Cambridge News reports that one set of garage doors off Huntingdon Road were left with a huge face of Nigel Farage and a row of garage doors that spelled his name, one letter each.

The campaign seems to be run from the website www.faragegarage.eu. Its slogan: “If you own a garage, vote Farage”.

A spokesman said: “There are three of us. We have one man in Cambridge and I am on the coast. It was made out of vinyl lettering because we don’t want to go around vandalising garages.

“We didn’t ask permission to do it in Cambridge as we don’t even know who owns the garage, but if we do put the letters up and they don’t like it we can take it down again.”

The group’s website mentions that “hard-working, right-thinking, garage-owning Brits” are being left to “bear the brunt”‚ while the “Westminster elite peer down their noses, scoff at you or call you a loon”.

The website of the group, which may indeed be some sort of spoof, calls for UKIP supporters to “bring out your garage in support of UKIP. Hold meetings in it. Serve hot tea and fruitcake.”

The news follows Nigel Farage’s speech in St. Ives, Cambridge, two weeks ago.