UKIP Soars to 61 Percent in East of England Polling

UKIP Soars to 61 Percent in East of England Polling

The UKIP Independence Party has soared to 61 percent in the East of England according to the latest ComRes poll for the Independent and Sunday Mirror. 

The unprecedented figures beats Labour’s highest regional polling (45 percent in the North West) by a significant margin, and the Conservatives’ (25 percent in the South West and London) by more than double.

ComRes admits the polling is from a very small base, but that the numbers in the region have increased from 40 percent just a few weeks ago will still be cause for a major shock amongst Labour and Tory strategists.

Brian Otridge at the UKIPDaily website wrote: “This poll shows UKIP as being incredibly strong in the Eastern Region (61%), followed by the South East and the West Midlands. 

“In the East of England, UKIP would sweep the board with 6 of the 7 slots! The South East would firmly be in the territory of 5 MEPs (from 10) and the West Midlands would secure a 4th MEP out of the 7 slots available. A total of 32 or 33, depending on a knife-edge outcome with Labour in the East Midlands.”

The latest results come despite an increased media and political establishment attack against UKIP leader Nigel Farage and his party.

In 2009, ComRes was the closest pollster to the actual election results.


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