Claims UKIP Councillor Quit Just 50 Mins After Election 'Not True'

Claims UKIP Councillor Quit Just 50 Mins After Election 'Not True'

Confusion set in last night following claims that a newly elected UKIP councillor quit the party just 50 minutes after being elected to a seat on Hyndburn Council, Lancashire. 

Malcolm Pritchard, who was standing against his daughter Clare Pritchard in Milnshaw, won by 701 votes to 589. Conflicting reports suggested Pritchard both did and didn’t resign from UKIP just 50 minutes after being elected. UKIP sources tell Breitbart London that there is no evidence to support the claim that Pritchard resigned, and that no UKIP central sources have been alerted to any resignation.

The news prompted criticisms of Pritchard, some of which claim he simply used UKIP funds and goodwill from the public to grind an axe against his daughter with whom he has been feuding.

MSN reported earlier that Clare Pritchard was the incumbent councillor and deputy leader of the council. She was suspended from the Labour Party prior to the elections following allegations of electoral fraud; allegations made by her father.

Earlier this month Mr Pritchard said: “Clare has ruined her career for four votes. I am devastated. She is a talented and hard-working politician. It is very painful.”

BBC Lancashire is said to have originally reported the claims about Pritchard’s record-breaking defection, though Jon Robinson from the Lancashire Telegraph disputed it. He tweeted: “Contrary to reports, Cllr Malcolm Pritchard has not resigned as a UKIP councillor and become and independent on Hyndburn Council. Still UKIP”.

The situation serves as a reminder if one was needed as to how bizarre and parochial local elections can really be.