Lib Dem President Admits Wipeout

Lib Dem President Admits Wipeout

President of the Liberal Democrats Tim Farron has admitted that his party is doing very badly in the European Elections. With three regions having declared, the pro-EU party is has so far lost all the seats it was defending and has seen its vote share decimated.

Speaking to the BBC, Mr Farron said: “We took the unpopular side of the argument… but you know what, I would do it again”.

The party have so far come fifth in four regions, the East Midlands, Yorkshire & Humberside, the South West and Eastern England, behind the Greens, while in the North East they scraped into fourth place.

One of their highest profile casualties has been Sir Graham Watson, MEP for the South West who was instrumental in creating the controversial European Arrest Warrent, allowing other EU states to order the extradition of British citizens, sometimes on quite shakey, spurious grounds.

The party’s best hope for holding a seat is now London, where they are predicted to do slightly better than the rest of the country.


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