Six out of 10 don't bother with EU vote

Six out of 10 don't bother with EU vote

Despite the EU establishment bragging that this election to the European Parliament has 400m voters, the turnout is so low that nowhere near half that number have cast ballots.

In fact, the total number of people eligible to vote is 388m, not the 400m advertised by the EU, and with a turnout estimate by @tns_opinion of 43.11 per cent that means just 167m people have voted.

More, in four EU countries voting is compulsory so it is likely that if all voters had been free to choose to stay home, the turnout would have been even lower.

The projected turnout is less than one-tenth of one per cent higher than at the last elections in 2009, despite EU-wide propaganda by the Brussels institutions that “this time it’s different.”


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