Topless Femen Activists Stab Putin Waxwork, Suck on Sex Toys in 'Protest'

Topless Femen Activists Stab Putin Waxwork, Suck on Sex Toys in 'Protest'

In a move that raises doubts whether some feminists understand their target, a bare-breasted female protestor attacked a statue of Vladimir Putin at a wax museum in Paris on Thursday, stabbing its face and straddling the flattened figure of the Russian president. Pictures that emerged from what was billed as a protest against a dictator instead came out looking like a scene from an Amsterdam sex show.

One suspects Putin, who himself has often been photographed bare-chested, might not object to being pictured prone with a half-naked blonde on top while wax works of King Juan Carlos of Spain, US President Barack Obama and French President Francois Hollande looked on.  

Certainly when Putin was confronted by another bare-breasted female protestor as he toured a trade fair in Hanover with Angela Merkel last year, he said he “liked” it.

Both protests were by members of Femen, a group which calls itself “sextremists.” In April, a group of 23 Femen women turned up outside a press conference for Marine Le Pen’s Front National campaign for the European Parliament to protest against what Femen called a “fascism epidemic.”

According to a report in the Local, they had their bare breasts painted in the style of the blue flag of the EU, but with the stars rearranged in swastikas.

One can imagine that Marine Le Pen’s father Jean-Marie Le Pen, the founder of Front National and a veteran of the ultra-macho French Foreign Legion, “liked” it as much as Putin.

In another even more raunchy protest, topless activists took to the streets, sucking on sex toys and shouting, “G7 sucks Putin”.


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