Father Escapes Prison After Beating Daughter With Ladle For Not Reading Koran

Father Escapes Prison After Beating Daughter With Ladle For Not Reading Koran

A father has narrowly avoided prison after he admitted beating his daughter with a ladle because she failed to read the Koran. The 46 year old from Burnley, Lancashire hit his daughter 40 times in a punishment the courts referred to as “sadistic”, according to the Sun.

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, forced his daughter to bend over before beginning the beating. He then insisted her brother continue to hit her 120 times, but took over again when he failed to hit her hard enough. 

In the end she was left sobbing and gasping for breath. He then went on to kick her in the back and the stomach. When his wife tried to intervene he threatened her as well.

The man, described as ‘asian’, was arrested after a tip-off from a relative. He later told police he did not think the beating was “such a big thing”. Prosecutor Tracy Yates told the court that he justified the punishment on the grounds that his daughter failed to pray and read the Muslim holy book every day. In the end he admitted child cruelty and was handed a two-year supervision order with £150 costs.

In sparing him from a custodial sentence, Judge Jonathan Gibson told him: “I would be punishing your family if I were to send you immediately to prison.”

The news of this attack will raise further concerns that closed ethnic minority communities are not observing British law. In predominantly Asian areas like Burnley there have been allegations that women are not given the right to vote, and instead their husbands use the postal vote system to cast the ballot on their behalf.

As previously reported on Breitbart London the problem was so severe at the last European and Local elections that extra Police were drafted into Burnley to ensure ballot boxes were free from intimidation.

Young women are also at significant risk of forced marriages, and many are denied access to education and employment opportunities by their strict Muslim parents.