Gay Man Sentenced For Murdering Lover And Cooking Head

Gay Man Sentenced For Murdering Lover And Cooking Head

A 47-year-old man who chopped up his lover and cooked his head in a bizarre sex game has been jailed for less than four years, according to the Local. The sentence in Berlin comes after years of legal wrangling over what his punishment should be.

Prosecutors had previously demanded that the man be charged with murder but in the end he was only guilty of bodily harm. This is because his victim appeared to be a willing participant in the bizarre sex game.
The incident took place in January 2012 when a 37-year-old gay bank clerk visited the apartment in owned by the 47 year old in Marienfelde, South Berlin. The court was told he was there “to fulfil his extreme sexual fantasies”.

As previously reported on Breitbart London the younger man came to his older partner’s flat and asked to be tied to the bed. He then demanded his nose and mouth he covered with tape. Investigators are unsure of exactly how he died but it is believed to have been either suffocation or an overdose of painkillers. Once he died the accused cut up his body and cooked his head. 

After the incident the 47-year-old was arrested, tried and sentenced to 3 years and 3 months in prison for assault resulting in death. However the sentence was overturned after a successful appeal in the Federal Supreme Court. 

In this second trial the Berlin Regional Court (pictured) said in its judgement: “He is responsible for the death but he didn’t want to kill his sexual partner.” The case has proved difficult to prosecute because crimes of this kind are incredibly rare and hard to define.

The news of this sentence will bring to an end this sorry case of sexual fantasy, but it does not resolve the wider issue of what do to when someone has a sexual fetish revolving around their own murder. This case proves that the law does not cater well for such cases, but most Germans never believed anyone would be interested in such a strange sexual practise.

The country is however a destination for gay men who are interested in bondage, sadism and masochism. It is unclear whether these men were involved in that scene, or to what extent violent role play excited their violent fantasies.


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