ISIS Crucifies Jihadis for Being 'Too Soft'

ISIS Crucifies Jihadis for Being 'Too Soft'

Islamist terror group ISIS has reportedly crucified eight jihadis from a rival rebel group in Syria for being too moderate.

The Sun says that the bodies of the eight militants were still on view in a square in Aleppo yesterday, while another man was crucified in the town of Al Bab but survived despite being nailed up for eight hours.

Yesterday, the Iraqi military launched strikes against ISIS positions near the city of Tikrit. Using helicopter gunships, the military launched the action in an attempt to take back control of the north of the country, which has been over-run by the terror group in recent weeks.

ISIS, which has previously been condemned by Al Qaeda for being too extreme, has been fighting a war for control of Iraq and Syria ever since the Syrian civil war began three years ago.

Although initially part of the wider rebellion against Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, they broke away and formed their own front after accusing fellow rebels of being too moderate.

They have now carried their fight into neighbouring Iraq, where they have taken advantage of increasing sectarian tensions and a weak Baghdad government.

Five second-hand Russian warplanes have now arrived in the Iraqi capital, and the US have sent 180 of 300 troops promised by President Obama as the world slowly reacts to the ISIS threat.