One Million Strong Gaza March Planned For Saturday in London

One Million Strong Gaza March Planned For Saturday in London

Up to one million activists will march in support of Gaza through London this Saturday. The march is the latest in a series of high profile demonstrations to show solidarity between the British left and the Hamas ruled territory.

The protest is being organised by the Stop the War Coalition, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and a number of Muslim groups. Last weekend they claimed to have marched 100,000 people from Trafalgar Square, past the Houses of Parliament and on to the Israeli Embassy.

This week they plan to go the other way and start at the Embassy before heading to Westminster. 

It is unclear whether the groups involved can muster one million people, but the campaign against operation protective edge is getting increasingly bitter. On Sunday, a pro-Israeli activist was attacked during a peaceful protest by Zionist groups, and others had abuse hurled at them in Arabic.

The pro-Palestinian protest in Paris last weekend turned into a full scale riot with property damaged and vehicles set alight. There are concerns that this protest may also turn violent, and there is likely to be a large police presence to contain it.

Veteran left-wing MP, who is known for his pro-Palestinian stance, George Galloway is likely to speak. Galloway shot to fame in America when he was accused of breaking sanctions against Iraq. He attended the senate hearing to defend himself by admitting that he did take money off businessmen who broke to sanctions but only to campaign against the harsh treatment of Saddam Hussein’s regime.

It is unclear how Zionist groups will respond to the protest but it is highly unlikely that Israel itself will loosen the pressure on Hamas. The Israeli Defence Force are determined to make it impossible for the terrorist group to fire any more missiles into their territory.

So far, well over a hundred rockets have been fired at Israel. One of them got so close to Ben Gurion Airport that a number of countries suspended flights to the country.


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