Ebola Threat To Illegal Immigrant Calais Camps

Ebola Threat To Illegal Immigrant Calais Camps

Medical experts have predicted that the illegal immigrant camps of Calais will soon be hit by Ebola, according to the Sunday Express. The camps, which are filled with African immigrants desperate to make it over the English Channel, are already rife with diseases like scabies.

Now they could become the frontline in Britain’s fight against Ebola as immigrants from countries like Liberia and Sierra Leone arrive daily. The camps are particularly dangerous because people live in such close proximity, ideal for the spread of Ebola.

Around 1,200 men, women and children live in the largest camp: ‘Jungle 2’. They sleep during the day and spend the nights attempting to illegally access lorries bound for Britain. Those who are caught by British immigration officers are handed over to the French police who immediately release them. As a result the illegal immigrants know they have nothing to lose from trying to get through over and over again.

Estimates suggest that around 1,500 illegal immigrants make it into Britain each year using this method. It is impossible to know what diseases they are carrying, or indeed if they are a danger to the public for any other reason. 

In response to the risk of an outbreak a special medical centre has been set up in makeshift buildings in the grounds of Calais Hospital. Illegal immigrants can use the facility to have a shower before being examined by a doctor and nurse trained to spot Ebola symptoms, such as fever and rashes. 

The hospital also has a special area ready to treat Ebola victims in isolation by staff in protective clothing. A hospital official said: “We can only treat two victims in the room, which will be completely sealed off from the main hospital to reduce the risk of infection to other patients.

“A plan is in place to transfer others with Ebola to Tourcoing Hospital near Lille, which can treat a lot more cases. Doctors there are experts in highly infectious tropical diseases.” 

As previously reported on Breitbart London the EU’s open borders agreement means that it is easy for immigrants to make it from illegal landings in Italy to Calais in France. This has led the Mayor of Calais to suggest all the illegal immigrants should be sent to Britain.


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