WATCH: 'F*ck Off', 'You F*cking Rag Heads': Football Fans' Tirade Against Palestinian Protest

WATCH: 'F*ck Off', 'You F*cking Rag Heads': Football Fans' Tirade Against Palestinian Protest

Palestinian protesters in London have been subjected to a tirade of abuse at the hands of some angry football fans, as they marched through the city. A video posted on the Evening Standard website showed activists walking past The Green Man pub on Euston Road being called “rag heads” and told to “f*ck off”.

The video was shot on Saturday shortly before Leeds United Football Club played Millwall in a league match. Football fans were drinking outside the pub when they took the opportunity to express their pointed views on the validity of the Palestine protest. 

Some are heard chanting “Leeds” over and over, at the same time others shouted “scum” at the protesters. Two of the loudest comments from the Leeds fans were: “F*ck off and fight in your own country you f*cking rag heads” and “go on you smelly b*st*rds.”

The protesters, who are much more used to bullying Israelis and Jews, were visibly shocked at the reaction they had solicited. As previous reported on Breitbart London they have used their numbers to intimidate and even assault those who disagree with them. 

On this occasion they did not seem keen to have a confrontation with the burly football fans, and instead stewards in green moved them out of the way. At the same time a member of security from the pub itself ensured that the two groups did not come into physical contact. 

British football fans have recently flirted heavily with the pro-Israeli movement, especially through the English Defence League (EDL) a street protest movement that opposes radical Islam. It was founded in Luton by Tommy Robinson, after he witnessed Islam4UK shouting abuse at the home coming of the Anglian Regiment from Afghanistan.

The group grew quickly and organised protests right across the country. Unlike most other far right movements it did not discriminate against non-whites, Jews or gay people. Tommy Robinson also claimed that the “biggest victims” of Islam were Muslims themselves. 

Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon has now left the group and it is unclear whether it will continue. He will continue his work against radical Islam through the anti-extremist group Quilliam. 


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