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UK 'Preparing to Join U.S. Air Strikes in Iraq'

UK 'Preparing to Join U.S. Air Strikes in Iraq'

British Prime Minister David Cameron and US President Barack Obama are today expected to prepare plans for a further air strikes against ISIS, with the possibility that Britain may join American forces in bombing the extremists.

The Daily Mail reports that support for British involvement is now growing within all of Britain’s main political parties, with Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg reportedly ready to give his backing and Labour indicating their support.

The news comes as world leaders gather for the Nato summit in Wales, at which Cameron is expected to push for a multi-national force to take on and crush the ISIS extremists who have over-run large sections of Iraq and Syria, subjecting minority groups to brutal oppression.

As well as backing air strikes, the British government may also look at a longer-term strategy which may even include putting British troops back into Iraq as part of a Nato task force.

A poll published earlier today indicated that the majority of Conservative Party members support military intervention in Iraq. The poll by ConservativeHome found that 58 percent would support air strikes, with 59 percent also supporting Britain giving military training to the Iraq army.

Former Labour Foreign Secretary Jack Straw also lent his support the UK joining in with American air strikes, saying: “No one is more aware than I am of the legacy of the 2003 Iraq War. Of course we should learn from the past, [but] we should not be paralysed by the past. This is a threat to civilisation.”

He also accused Barack Obama of indecision, adding: “As much as I respect him, he’s very long on analysis, but he’s not quite as fleet of foot on being decisive. This Nato summit provides a clear opportunity for some very clear leadership by the United States.”

There as so far been growing dismay among the international community at the lack of action in taking on ISIS, which has now killed thousands.


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