'Traitor' Jihadists Locked in ISIS Torture Camps

'Traitor' Jihadists Locked in ISIS Torture Camps

Five British ISIS fighters have been locked up in a Syria torture camp after pleading to be allowed to return home because they had become disillusioned with the self-proclaimed Islamic State.

The Express reports that the men have been nicknamed the “cream puff brigade” after being branded as “traitors” and sent to a detention centre in the city of Raqqa – the de facto ISIS capital. They are now reportedly being “mistreated on a daily basis”.

The volunteers, who are believed to have become sick of the brutality shown by some of their fellow fighters, are now “considered traitors who deserve death”, according to German magazine Focus.

All well as the five British fighters, there are three from France, two from Germany and two from Belgium who are being held and tortured.

British security sources estimate that there around 500 British-born fighters in Syria and Iraq currently, although the real number may be higher as it is difficult to monitor people crossing the border from Turkey into lawless Syria.

These men are not the first jihadist fighters have the nickname “cream puff” applied to them. In 2010, nine German Islamists were widely mocked after travelling to a terror training camp in Pakistan only to complain about missing their families.

The group also stated their dislike for the food and said that the training was too intense.

One of the fighters, Rami Makanese, eventually disguised himself in a burqa and fled to the German embassy in Islamabad. He was repatriated and immediately arrested upon his arrival back in Germany.


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