Female British Jihadist: 'I Want Cameron's Head on a Spike'

Female British Jihadist: 'I Want Cameron's Head on a Spike'

A female British jihadist who is believed to be living in the Syrian city of Raqqa has condemned Prime Minister David Cameron for “waging wars” against Muslims, saying she woud like to see his “head on a spike”.

The 18-year-old woman also mocked government plans to strip jihadists of their citizenship saying it would be “quite laughable” if it happened.

The Daily Mail reports that the girl, who uses the name Umm Khattab on Twitter, wrote: “In sha Allah [God willing] a day will come when David Camerons head will be on a spike as he continues to wage war on the awilya [protectors] of Allah… and strike terror in the hearts of the kuffar.”

She also tweeted: “I really do not understand why Britain is threatening to remove our citizenship like we care lool its actually quiet laughable.”

The girl, whose exact identity remains unknown, has also tweeted recently that she is “excited” at the thought of American soldiers being “slayed” if the US sends in ground troops, and has also called for the ISIS black flag to be raised above Downing Street.

A variety of her other Tweets include:

The girl is one of a series of young British women who have travelled to join ISIS in Syria. In June, 16-year-old twins Salma and Zahra Halane ran away from their comfortable, middle class family home to the “paradise” of the Islamic State.

Yesterday, Breitbart London reported that a group of British women are also helping run ISIS’ religious police force, the al-Khanssaa brigade. Their duties include enforcing a strict Islamic dress code on local women and preventing “inappropriate mixing of the sexes”.


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