Malaysian #MH370 Was Downed By Suicidal Pilot Claims Former Airline Boss

Malaysian #MH370 Was Downed By Suicidal Pilot Claims Former Airline Boss

The former boss of Kiwi Airlines has claimed that Malaysia Airways flight MH370 was taken down by its suicidal pilot in a deliberate act of sabotage. Ewan Wilson claims the pilot locked his co-pilot out of the cockpit, turned off all communications and depressurised the cabin.

The flight went missing on 8th March and has still not been found, although there is now compelling evidence that it crashed in the Indian Ocean. All passengers and crew are believed to have been killed, a total of 239 people.

Wilson is convinced pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah meticulously plotted the tragedy. It has already been alleged he cancelled social events and meetings with people due to take place after 8th March. This has been cited as evidence the father-of-three knew the flight was doomed long before take-off.

The 53-year-old pilot has been accused of locking his co-pilot Fariq Hamid out of the cockpit. This would have made it impossible for Hamid to take any action to save the plane. Once the cabin was depressurised the passengers would have suffocated when the plane ran out of oxygen.

The cockpit has oxygen for slightly longer than the cabin, this would enable Shah to keep going when everyone else was dead. The plane changed course several times before running on auto-pilot until it ran out of fuel and crashed.

According to the Daily Express Wilson said: “There is a fundamental desire to ignore the mental health issue in the aviation industry. We have shown why hijacking by a passenger or accidental depressurisation are highly unlikely scenarios.

“By a process of elimination, this leaves pilot suicide as the only other serious option in our analysis of what occurred on March 8. Our research indicates there have been five previous incidents of murder/suicide in commercial flights over the last three decades or so, accounting for 422 lives.

“The sad addition of MH370 would bring that number to 661.”

The disappearance of MH370 has created a huge amount of speculation and interest. Wilson’s theory is bound to create a vast amount of publicity ahead of the publication of his book on the subject entitled ‘Goodnight Malaysian 370’.

The family of Zaharie Ahmad Shah strongly deny he was suicidal and Australian air crash investigators say its too early to jump to firm conclusions. Also, it is worth noting that Wilson himself left the aviation industry in disgrace after being convicted of five counts of fraud.

Malaysia Airways was effectively destroyed by the tragedy, coupled with the later shooting down of MH17. In August it was taken off the stock market and will be completely restructured in an effort to save it from bankruptcy. 


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