Migrants Brawl in Calais, Part of Town Sealed Off by Police

Migrants Brawl in Calais, Part of Town Sealed Off by Police

A brawl between migrants from Ethiopia and Eritrea in Calais on Tuesday night has escalated tensions in the French town.

Reports from The Local say police in Calais sealed off an industrial district of the French port city after a fight between illegal migrant groups.

Dozens were reported injured in the fight which is the latest problem in the City’s struggle to deal with hundreds of migrants who live in ‘The Jungle’ and who try to make their way by cross Channel ferry to England.

Tear gas was used once again to try to break up the fight, only a day after it was used to stop migrants hiding in lorries which were caught in a large tail back stemming from the entrance of the port.

The two groups were said to be fighting each other with sticks and police said that one migrant was detained in custody.

A 16 year old Ethiopian girl was killed on Monday night after being hit by a car while crossing a motorway in the area.

As we reported from the French city, the sides of the roads approaching the port are full of migrants trying to evade the police and stow away on a cross channel ferry.

Calais authorities and police have warned that the situation is becoming more violent – many suspect that the race to get to the UK is becoming more urgent as the temperatures drop and winter draws closer.

“They are becoming more violent and aggressive and we have to use tear gas more and more,” said a police officer who spoke to reporters from The Local.

The city’s major, Natacha Bouchart, last month threatened to shut down the port entirely at the perceived lack of action or help from the British government over the problem.

Since then, £12 million has been given to assist with the fight against illegal immigration but for many the problem stems much deeper than simply having more police and security guards.

Breitbart London has requested confirmation that the money is being spent in Calais following reports from the City’s Deputy Mayor Philippe Mignonnet that nothing has been given to the front line.

With no border controls after they have arrived in an EU country – usually Italy, Greece or Malta, it is a straight forward journey north for the migrants whose ultimate goal is to get to the UK where they think they can get free schooling, housing and well paying jobs.

During my visit to The Jungle and the charity food stalls near the City centre, migrants told me that they had never been told that there would be a problem getting into the UK.

In reality, the UK is not part of the Schengen area and does have border controls although anyone from the European Union is allowed to travel freely into the country.


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