WATCH – Farage: Cameron Has Failed on Immigration


Nigel Farage addressed UKIP’s spring conference in Margate yesterday after flying back from speaking at CPAC in the US.

The UKIP leader called for Britain to adopt an Australian-style points system for immigration, highlighting latest figures showing that despite a pledge by the Prime Minister to cut immigration to the “tens of thousands”, it has actually risen over the past five years.

“Cameron said this government would reduce immigration into Britain to tens of thousands of people per year and that we should judge him on his record. Well the figures were really 300,000 a year.

“What Ukip have got to do is inject a positive vote into this debate. Only by divorcing ourselves from the Europe and by taking back control of our borders can we give the British people what overwhelmingly they would want to support, and we will campaign for this country to have an Australian points system.”


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