Hobbit Star Martin Freeman’s Partner Says ‘F*** the Tories’… Then Changes Her Mind


The right on, progressive thespian family that votes together stays together. Look no further for proof of this elemental truism of modern luvviedom than the duo of Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington. They don’t do things by half when it comes to cheerleading the political left.

First out of the blocks was Freeman. On Monday morning the man who first made his name locally in The Office and then in Hollywood in The Hobbit and Love Actually, announced that he was taking part in Labour’s first election broadcast of the official campaign.

During the video, 43-year-old Freeman recounted a series of assertions including one that the Conservatives will take the country on a “rollercoaster of cuts” before adding that Labour will “make sure the economy works for all of us, not just the privileged few, like me, but it’s not just about that”.

Cheers all ’round from the usual suspects. Then it came time for Amanda Abbington. She is best known for playing Miss Mardle in Mr Selfridge and Mary Morstan in the BBC adaptation of Sherlock and clearly liked what she was hearing from her partner.

No sooner had the video been released on YouTube than she sent a tweet in the form of a ‘darling, you were wonderful’ thespian salutation. Only she put it a little more crudely thus: “That’s my boy… proud… f*** the Tories.”

Oh dear. That show of support didn’t last long. By late afternoon the script was changed, post deleted and some remorse tweeted thus:

Which goes to show just why actors should stay out of politics; their best lines are always written for them by somebody else and as soon as they go off script they can only get into trouble.


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