UKIP Joins London Pride March After All

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The Pride in London Parade took place today with a start at Baker Street and a finish at Whitehall. It was meant to be a celebration of LGBT groups and free of politics – except UKIP’s application to join was firmly rejected earlier this month.

A statement from the event organisers explaining the UKIP ban read: “For this year we have reached the decision that UKIP’s application to join the Pride in London Parade, 27th June 2015, will be turned down.

“This decision has been made after careful consultation in order to protect participants and ensure the event passes off safely and in the right spirit, it has not been made on a political basis.

“We appreciate many in our community have strongly held views about UKIP, their policies and comments, but is undeniable that there are LGBT+ members of UKIP, including their MEP for Scotland, and it is important to remember that Pride in London aims to be an inclusive event.

“However, of paramount concern to us is the experience of all participants at Pride, most especially the position we would be putting our volunteer stewards in.”

So more than 250 groups were registered to take part and the Parade was led by flagbearers displaying the flag of every nation on earth – but without a UKIP contribution. According to the parade website, this was done to “show solidarity with LGBT+ across the globe. And after today’s Supreme Court verdict, the United States flag will join Ireland and Mozambique at the front in recognition of recent advances in those countries.”

Still, UKIP was not be deterred. They did eventually join the parade and proudly tweeted this to show they were there and happy to stand up and be counted.

Still, not everyone was happy with UKIP’s presence.

Here’s another voice of intolerance on a day to celebrate tolerance.


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