BIZARRE: UKIP Candidate Leaves, Starts ‘Open Borders’ Party

Birmingham Mail

A former UKIP parliamentary candidate who became labelled as the ‘waving man’ has now left the party, opting to found his own ‘Open Borders’ political party instead.

Harjinder Singh, a former Labour councillor from Coventry, says that he disagrees with UKIP’s Australian-style points system policy, even though he was happy to stand under its banner at the 2015 General Election.

But his move to found an ‘Open Borders’ party may bring smiles to the faces of libertarian-leaning UKIP supporters who believe the party has moved away from its original purpose – leaving the European Union – and has adopted a rather more protectionist policy on immigration.

Singh, who stood in the constituency of Birmingham Perry Barr, said of the move, “I haven’t fallen out with UKIP, but I left the party after the General Election.”

He developed the nickname ‘waving man’ because of his campaigning technique: standing at a busy junction and waving at cars for 13 hours a day.

“I stood for them because I agreed with leaving the European Union,” he said. “And I still do, especially after seeing what’s happened in Greece. But I do not agree with the Australian-style ‘points system’ on immigration.

“I think if a business wants to employ someone, they should be able to do so wherever they are from. And if it gives young people in this country more of an incentive to stay on at school and get qualifications, then so much the better.

“This country benefits from immigration. We should not let criminals in. But if we had a more open border policy it would mean the Border Force could concentrate on keeping criminals out.”

His Twitter account reveals he left UKIP jut five days after the General Election, initially opting to join the Libertarian Party UK, before going on to found his own ‘Open Borders’ party.