Police Chief: Delinquent Muslim Migrants Don’t Integrate, Generally Disrespect Western Cultures

muslim migrants
Die Welt

A German police commissioner has told an audience of how “delinquent”, mainly Muslim migrants refuse to accommodate to their host nations, adding: “We have an increasing number of migrants in Germany, and many have not learned to have respect for women and the state. They live in parallel societies, where different rules apply.”

Tania Kambouri, who has written of her experiences in her role as a police chief in a new book, said that there is a “taboo” around multiculturalism and those coming from Islamic countries, though she was keen to stress that her comments were not racially motivated, according to Die Welt.

She writes in her book: “It’s not a blanket condemnation, and certainly not racially prejudiced, on grounds of origin or of faith, but it is simply a fact that some populations are over-represented in certain behavioural characteristics and crimes” and says there is a “general disrespect” and “disrespect of fundamental law and human rights” as well as “autonomous parallel structures”. Her comments have been confirmed by other officers.

And Kambouri criticised the lenient justice system and cultural Marxism, though she didn’t refer to the latter in as many words.

“It hasn’t changed”, she writes, accusing those responsible of being “romantic followers, uncritical of multiculturalism” whose primary concerns are “Islamophobia and xenophobia”.

“Multiculturalism harbours too many risks,” she writes: “Cultural influences, religious beliefs, inherited traditions are sometimes simply incompatible. This is not a right-wing populism, but common sense”.

She singled out young, Muslim men, which make up the majority of those migrating from the Middle East and North Africa into Europe.

“People from this culture, whether they are Turks, Kurds, Lebanese, Tunisians and other nationalities, [find it] remarkably difficult to integrate into Germany.”

She is now 12 years into her role and still describes it as her “dream job”. Her book, “Germany in The Blue Light” is out this week.


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