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Paris Climate Conference: A Terrible Case of Déjà Vu

I have just arrived in Paris for the COP21 climate conference. Even though I have arrived at the beginning, I know exactly how it is going to end in two weeks’ time: with fudge, compromise, and a great big lie that something useful has been achieved — followed by aching disappointment.

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Church Of England Appoints Nudist Bishop

The Church of England has appointed an advocate of naturism as its latest female bishop. Karen Gorham, who is currently Archdeacon of Buckingham, was brought up in a nudist family and even wrote a treatise praising naturism while a vicar

nudist bishop

PICTURES: Migrants Arrested After Brawl In Germany

A series of brawls took place at asylum centres across Germany this weekend, resulting in a number of migrants arrested. One of the biggest disturbances was at the former airport of Tempelhof in Berlin, which now houses 2,000 migrants. The

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Israel Suspends EU Role In Peace Process With Palestinians

Israel said on Sunday it was suspending contacts with European Union (EU) bodies involved in peace efforts with the Palestinians after the bloc started requiring the labelling of exports from Israeli settlements in the West Bank. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

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Mass Brawls Erupt In Crowded Migrant Shelters In Germany

Clashes broke out Sunday between hundreds of asylum seekers at a shelter in Berlin, in the second mass brawl to erupt over the weekend in Germany’s crowded migrant accommodations. Several people were arrested at the fight that started in the

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Punk Jihadi Sally Jones Heads SAS Top 20 Kill List As Part Of ‘Jihadi Harvest’

British special forces are to be sent to Syria with a hit list of 20 top jihadis, half of which are British, according to military sources.
The SAS top 20 kill list mission forms one part of renewed efforts to eliminate Syria’s Islamic State (ISIS) commanders. As such, reports the Sunday Express, it will happen regardless of the outcome of Wednesday’s vote in the British parliament.

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