Katie Hopkins: Don’t Demonise Trump, He Speaks For Millions Of Americans

Donald Trump
AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

UK newspaper columnist Katie Hopkins writes in defence of Donald Trump, saying it would be stupid to ban him from the UK:

‘Trump is terrifying. We have seen the future—and it is bleak’ said one reporter.

In turn, thousands are busy clicking on a hideously impotent petition to ‘BAN TRUMP FROM GREAT BRITAIN’.

What exactly are they achieving? Having their say? Joining in the outrage bus?

No doubt petition sites like change.org are on their web favourites, right up there with erectile dysfunction.co.uk. and single.com.

They may as well calm down. We are not banning Donald from the UK.

And even if Trump were elected President, he wouldn’t be able to ban Muslims from his shores – even if he wanted to.

Ask yourself: how could he possibly make it work?

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