BREAKING: Bomb Squad Deployed After ‘Suspicious Package’ Found At Nuclear Plant

Nuclear Plant

Swedish police are investigating a suspicious package near the Oskarshamn nuclear power plant located in the south eastern region of the country.

Police dogs located the object while participating in a joint exercise involving Swedish police and military personnel. The package was discovered at around 3pm local time.

Police spokesman Jimmy Modin told Aftonbladet, “both our and the Armed Forces’ dog reacted to a parcel that was not part of the exercise,” and went on to add, “we then took it to the side and x-rayed it. It has not been possible to determine the contents despite this, and for that reason it is being treated as a dangerous object.”

“We have to examine the item and see what it could be before we can say anything else,” Modin said. The location of the suspicious package has been cordoned off from the public.