Former Swedish PM Blasts Government Over Migrant Crisis Response


Former Swedish Prime Minister Göran Persson has slammed the current coalition government for having “no plan” to deal with the migration crisis of 2015.

Persson directed much of his criticism at another former Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, who he said told Swedes to “open your hearts” to mass migration without having any plan in how to deal with the crisis, Aftonbladet reports.

When asked why he chose to highlight the issue of mass migration in Sweden, the former Swedish leader said: “Because it throws shadows far ahead. Very many small poor municipalities in Sweden took great responsibility for that migration policy. And there is a risk that they may be abandoned.”

“The extra money that has expired from the state to deal with this strain, it is now running out. A new promise is required from the state to Sweden’s poorest municipalities that they should not stand the migration issue by themselves,” he added.

According to some reports, Swedish municipalities may have to raise taxes across the country in order to pay for the increased costs to social services and other factors due to mass migration.

Persson proposed solving the problem by restricting asylum applications while asking other European Union member states to take more asylum seekers and putting more of an emphasis on skilled worker immigrants.

Immigration has become one of the most focal issues leading up to this year’s national election in Sweden with the anti-mass migration Sweden Democrats taking the toughest line on the matter. Sweden Democrats leader Jimmie Åkesson has called for the migration board of Sweden to shift its focus entirely from accepting new arrivals to deporting failed asylum seekers.

As a result of the stance on migration and other issues, the SD has seen a surge in support from voters, especially young voters where the party leads polls for Swedish voters aged 18 to 34.

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