Sky News Mocked for Brexit Scare Story Focused on Shortage of Foreign Au Pairs

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Sky News has been mocked mercilessly for a report on the threat which Brexit supposedly poses to the “key childcare option” of importing foreign au pairs to look after children.

Sky cited figures from the British Au Pair Agencies Association — which appears to be oddly lacking in British au pairs — which indicate European Union recruits have “plummetted” by around 70 per cent since the vote to Leave the European Union in 2016, which may finally be delivered on at the end of October 2019.

“Currently, au pairs from the EU do not need a visa,” the broadcaster explained.

“They stay with a host family who provide them with a room, food and weekly “pocket money” of £80 to £100″ — less than £12 a day, at the the lower end of the spectrum.

“It is unclear how this key childcare option will continue when freedom of movement ends after Brexit,” the report added — unleashing a tidal wave of derision on social media.

“Nothing I have seen since we voted to leave the EU has highlighted the yawning gulf between Britain’s moneyed elite in London and the media better than this,” wrote one detractor.

“Now we know why the Remainers are upset! They’re going to have to look after their own kids and do the housework!” scoffed another.

“Oh dear, Beatrice and Tarquin will be numb with grief,” added another in mock sympathy.

Many compared the sentiments within the article to those of an infamous BBC Question Time guest, who demanded to know “Who would be serving our coffee in Prét à Manger?” in London without the effectively unlimited supply of low-pay foreign workers which the EU and its Free Movement migration regime has provided.

“Was there ever a more London article in all your life?” asked one social media user.

“Let’s hope this leads to a rise of au pair’s wages and hopefully leads to families treating them with respect,” another added hopefully.

“The parents could just look after their own kids, rather than getting a 18 year old Slovakian girl doing it for slave wages,” suggested another.

One indicated that they did not believe the shortage was due to the prospect of Brexit at all, but rather the fact that “the salaries are appalling and there’s loads of other work available which has leave, 37 hour working week and protected hourly rates,” adding: “Look after your own kids.”

Sky News did briefly concede that, in any event, au pairs from outside the European Economic Area — the EU plus Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein —  are already able to come to the United Kingdom on youth mobility visas.

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