Nigel Farage Salutes War Generation in VE Day Tribute

Nigel Farage via Facebook

Nigel Farage paid tribute to the wartime generation and the freedoms they secured on the 75th anniversary of the Allied victory in Europe.

Speaking at Dover, where he was covering the ongoing, unchecked illegal boat migrant crisis in the English Channel, the Brexit Party leader said it was “a great shame” that proper celebrations could not be held due to the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

“But it’s a big moment. I’ve been fascinated by how many of the younger generation — I think as much as anything through Captain Tom and his amazing efforts — are thinking about VE Day, what it signifies, and what it means,” he said.

“And of course behind me, we’ve got this most iconic image of our country, Dame Vera Lynn’s song and all the rest of it, and it’s just a moment to think about who we are, about what those who went before us gave so that we could be free, so that we could debate, so that we could argue, vote, and make up our own mind on things,” Farage continued, referring to the white cliffs of Dover.

“So I want to now pay my own tribute to all of those who took part in that conflict, and particularly those still alive today, and who are dwindling in number, but who are a very important group of people — and today, on VE Day, we salute you,” he finished.

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