German Teen Escapes Apartment Where Migrant Males Sexually Abused Her For Months

Van vehicle of italian police force in Italy with text CARABINIERI
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A 19-year-old young woman reportedly escaped an apartment in Rome where she had been forcibly confined and sexually abused by two Pakistani migrants over a period of months.

The German teen is believed to have moved to Italy two years ago with her 29-year-old Pakistani migrant boyfriend and shared an apartment with a 36-year-old male, also originally from Pakistan.

Things are alleged to have soon gone wrong, however, and the two men are said to have forced the teen to stay in the apartment and sexually abused her for several months. She was eventually able to finally escape the apartment on May 27th and with help from a passerby, report her situation to local police, Il Giornale reports.

Officers from the carabinieri immediately moved to arrest the two Pakistani nationals on charges of raping the German woman and both were sent to Rieti prison north of Rome. A judge later issued a remand order to keep the pair in custody ahead of a trial at the request of the public prosecutor.

The incident follows another in November of 2019 in Milan, when a 19-year-old Pakistani migrant had been found lying bleeding on a bench near a local railway station and was later taken to a local hospital.

An investigation into the attack led to the arrest of six people including an underage girl and her boyfriend.

The young woman claimed she had been sexually abused by the Pakistani and two other foreigners months prior and said that she and two men had confronted the 19-year-old and during the confrontation, he had accidentally stabbed himself.

Carabinieri investigators, however, did not believe their story and found that the three had purposely conspired to get revenge on the migrant for the prior rape attack on the girl and were arrested for attempted murder.

Similar sex attacks have been seen in Greece in the past several months and have also involved migrants from Pakistan, with some of the victims being children, such as the alleged rape of an 8-year-old boy on the island of Kos in December.

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