Dads Launch ‘BBQ Chicken University’ Sports Camp for Neighborhood Kids

Barbeque Chicken University Camp for Kids
Pittsburgh's Action News

A group of fathers in Churchill, Pennsylvania, are making sure their kids stay busy and smiling during the coronavirus pandemic.

When former semi-pro tight end David Anderson and his son launched a sports camp for their community recently, they had no idea it would grow to be so popular with families in the area, according to KMBC.

They dubbed the camp “Barbecue Chicken University” and help participants learn teamwork, responsibility, competition, and respect.

“I’m just a goofy guy. I just said, ‘Hey, this is Barbecue Chicken University, where we’re teaching you how to be a playmaker,'” Anderson recalled.

Every night, two hours of activities begin with warmups and stretches in the Anderson’s backyard. In the street, the kids perform speed and agility drills.

“I love this program. My kids love it. The kids are responding really well to it, so being as a parent and seeing the positivity that’s going on through the neighborhood and all the people that are coming out and supporting us is a great thing,” said participant Justin Newman.

A few weeks ago, a neighbor complained that the group was disturbing the peace and called the police. However, Officer Chris Shell later returned to the camp and said he wanted to spend time with the families.

Later, he answered the kids’ questions about the recent protests and other issues and Anderson said he was more than welcome to join them again in the future.

“It allows the kids to familiarize with law enforcement, let them know that not all cops are bad cops and, you know, be comfortable with them, talk to them, have a conversation,” Anderson commented.

He added that he would continue offering the program because kids needed positive influences in their lives.

“We get a pretty good outcome, you know, the kids are loving it,” he explained, adding, “They come back every day with smiles, they compete with smiles. What more can you ask for?”


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