WATCH – Mom with Twin Newborns, Toddlers Receives $5K and Pile of Diapers from Secret Santa: ‘This Will Help Us So Much’

A Secret Santa in Idaho is blessing his neighbors for Christmas and gave one couple a big, much-needed surprise.

Moreland residents Lolo and Dezi are known throughout their community as being helpful to others and faithful to their church, East Idaho News reported Sunday.

Lolo is a native of the Pacific Island called Samoa, and the only member of his immediate family who resides in America.

He works long days as an apprentice for a plumber and is working on earning his journeyman plumber’s certificate to advance his career.

The couple have two girls ages three and two, and recently welcomed twin boys who were born premature.

The medical bills have since begun to pile up and the couple must also buy formula, diapers, and pay for additional expenses to provide for their family.

They were also forced to rent a home to be near their babies when they were born and Lolo also missed several weeks of work to care for his loved ones.

But when the outlet’s Nate Eaton and crew appeared at their door with a $5,000 check to help with Lolo’s schooling, $5,000 in gift cards for baby supplies, and a car full of diapers, the family was shocked.

Dezi opened the door and told Eaton her husband was at work, then became emotional as she learned about the first two gifts.

“I don’t even know what to say, thank you so much,” she said through tears and was taken aback when Eaton told her there was pile of diapers just for them.

In her message to Secret Santa, Dezi offered her thanks by saying, “Miracles… this will help us so much, so so much. Thank you.”

Eaton’s social media followers commented on her reaction, one person writing, “That new mommas emotions were so visible. What a lovely day for her.”

“Thank you Secret Santa for all you do to bless these deserving families… What a gift you are to this beautiful community,” another said.


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