Exclusive — Sheriff Joe: The President ‘Sets The Tone’ on Immigration Enforcement

The Associated Press

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, Sheriff Joe Arpaio said that the President “sets the tone” on immigration and that he believes Donald Trump would try to work with Mexico to solve the illegal immigration problem if he was elected President.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, known for his law and order policies as sheriff of Maricopa County, appeared at the Trump event Saturday in Phoenix, Arizona. The event was attended by thousands

While protestors outside carried angry signs against Trump and Arpaio accusing them of racism and hate, the Sheriff’s tone was serious and his suggestions were common sense while he talked to Breitbart reporter AWR Hawkins.

When asked the what right approach for any president should be on immigration, Sheriff Joe said, “The President sets the tone. He has to make sure everyone knows he is serious about this very important problem.”

Asked about Trump, the Sheriff said: “I would hope that maybe he would consider talking to the President of Mexico over a beer and try to get the law enforcement people—border patrol or military across the border-to work with the army and Federales.”