WATCH — Hispanic Anti-Trump Protestor: ‘We Will Never Be with The GOP!’


A Hispanic protestor outside the Donald Trump rally in Phoenix, Arizona on Saturday gave a blunt assessment that Republican immigration appeasers would do well to listen to, telling Breitbart News exclusively, “The GOP needs our vote. We will NEVER be with the GOP!“

When asked about what will happen if 30 million people are given a path to citizenship through Compressive Immigration Reform, the anti-Trump protester was equally direct.

“I think the majority will stay in the Democrats because they understand that all the Republicans are standing for right now is hate and this rhetoric,” he said. 

While Trump has been attacked by the GOP Establishment for his tough talk on immigration, the protestor drew no distinction by Trump and the immigration reform apologists, saying “I want to send a message to [GOP Chairman] Rence Preibus that we will NEVER be in the GOP.”

When asked about comprehensive immigration reform advocate and primary candidate Sen. Marco Rubio, the protestor said, “I don’t think nothing of Rubio.”


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