Martin O’Malley Swerves to Obama’s Left: Promises Amnesty for All, Unlimited Immigration

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On Tuesday, Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley unveiled his new immigration platform, promising to extend President Obama’s illegal, unilateral move to halt deportations, dismantle law enforcement, and ensure essentially unlimited immigration.

His platform is called “Welcoming New Americans to Rebuild The American Dream.” Left unanswered are the questions of how white and black Americans destroyed it, and why it’s necessary to allow foreigners with no connections to Western civilization to rebuild it.

Right off the bat, O’Malley writes that the U.S. is a “nation of immigrants” — an absurd cliche repeated by Democrats and Republicans who want dependent voters or cheap labor. What sounds like a cheerful slogan is an extreme position that will destroy America as we know it. America was created by Europeans; specifically, British (and Dutch) settlers. Far from being a multicultural circus where anyone who wants a job is suddenly a “new American,” America is sustained by white, Protestant, Anglo-Saxon majority culture that, as conservative author Ann Coulter notes, has “been a haven for minorities and women.”

O’Malley goes on to say that “diversity” defines America, but that this fundamental characteristic is being “eroded.”

How did O’Malley arrive at this conclusion while the Left celebrates  “browning of America”? Is America returning to its normal status as a biracial country with a white majority and a black minority? As Breitbart News has reported, the U.S. makes up only five percent of the world’s population, but we’re the most popular destination in the Western hemisphere for immigrants.

Should he be elected president, O’Malley promises to fulfill two goals (emphasis in original):

  • “Use bold, executive action to provide immediate relief to the millions of New Americans waiting for comprehensive immigration reform.”
  • “Secure comprehensive immigration reform legislation that creates a pathway to citizenship, & a 21st century immigration system.”

In other words: Halt all but a tiny number of deportations, allow illegal aliens to remain in the country while Congress passes a law to make them all U.S. citizens, and then unilaterally strip Congress — and the people — of any power to set immigration policy by creating an unaccountable new agency to determine who comes into the U.S.

O’Malley writes he will order DHS to shield nearly all illegal immigrants from deportation. Who is eligible to stay in the U.S. after committing a slew of crimes that terribly hurt Americans? “All individuals who have strong family and community ties,” according to O’Malley, meaning anyone and everyone. He also demands Congress “permanently repeal” a mild green card restriction that orders illegal immigrants to return to their home countries for three to ten years before they become eligible for lawful resident status once again. An O’Malley administration would hand out green cards to any illegal alien who demanded one. Any legal alien, O’Malley continues, would be encouraged to become a voting U.S. citizen by goading from U.S. Citizens and Immigration Services and the enticement of lowered naturalization fees.

Under an O’Malley presidency, border patrol agents would be forbidden from detaining nearly all illegal immigrants caught crossing the border — meaning the Central American immigrant crisis sparked by Obama’s deliberate calculations would likely explode.

“The Obama Administration has announced a number of reforms to detention policies, but none go far enough – in all but extraordinary circumstances, immigrant detentions must end for good,” O’Malley writes, vowing to force an end to detention and close “inhumane” detention facilities. Nearly all illegals would be allowed to stroll across the border and vanish into the interior; why O’Malley expects immigrants to show up in court is unclear, when over 90 percent of them ignore a court summons. Still, for those illegals who do show up, they will be lavished with taxpayer-funded lawyers, interpreters, and protection from “constitutional rights violations,” which somehow apply to every foreigner on Earth who breaks U.S. laws.

O’Malley is proposing to destroy American self-governance in one presidency. Congress must not only pass what’s misleadingly called “comprehensive immigration reform,” they must agree to never tamper with immigration levels again:

Comprehensive immigration reform should build a new, nimble, and responsive immigration system—one that will prevent our country from ever needing to fight for comprehensive reform again. O’Malley will call for a reform bill to create a new, independent body housed within the executive branch. The agency will make recommendations to Congress regarding immigration levels and visa requirements. The recommendations would be based on rigorous and non-partisan analysis and market needs – supplying additional H-1B visas, creating new visas to attract and retain foreign innovators, establishing protections for workers, and complimenting and upholding the American workforce.

Nothing will exist for American workers after 2016 if this comes to be. No American, from highly-skilled IT experts to teenage construction workers, would have job security under O’Malley’s open borders regime, in which unelected bureaucrats joined corporations in an unholy alliance to drive down wages and force immigration’s costs onto a straining social safety net.

O’Malley’s immigration policy proposals are total appeasement to hostile foreigners who have ruined their home countries and demand that U.S. laws are broken to accommodate them. There is no law or regulation that O’Malley would not destroy in order to loot the American economy and disenfranchise Americans who consistently oppose the extreme immigration policies espoused by both parties.

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