White House Still Won’t Admit Jihad Exists, 14 Years After 9/11

Marty Lederhandler/AP
Marty Lederhandler/AP

Fourteen years after 9/11, the nation’s passive-voiced Commander-in-Chief still won’t name the enemy that killed 3,000 Americans on that sunny morning.

“14 years after the terrorist attacks of 9/11, we honor those we lost,” Obama said in a vaguely-written Sept. 11 tweet that failed to even recognize the nation’s enemy.

“This morning the President,the First Lady, and members of White House staff gathered on the South Lawn to observe a moment of silence on at 8:46 a.m. EDT – the time that the first airplane struck the World Trade Center,” he said, in a statement that declined to mention the identity or motivation of the murderous Arab Muslim jihadis flying those aircraft.

Instead of identifying the nation’s enemy, Obama simply converted the jihad crisis into a progressive opportunity.

“Obama is asking all Americans to observe today as an officially designated Patriot Day and National Day of Service and Remembrance, with acts of selflessness and charity,” said the statement.

Back in 1945, President Harry Truman lived up to his name by offering frank and clear description of the nation’s two enemies in World War II.

“Our rejoicing is sobered and subdued by a supreme consciousness of the terrible price we have paid to rid the world of Hitler and his evil band,” he said May 8, 1945, as Hitler’s socialism-for-Aryans empire gave out its last breath

He broadcast a thank-you to the U.S. military. “In recognition of the unconditional surrender–unconditional and abject surrender of the Nazi barbarians, please accept the fervent congratulations and appreciation of myself, and of the American people.”

He also spoke clearly about Japan’s racist government.  “Japan’s unconditional surrender… means the termination of the influence of the military leaders who brought Japan to the present brink of disaster.”

“Japan is going to have a terrible time from now on,” Truman predicted. “So long as their leaders and the armed forces continue the war, the striking power and intensity of our blows will steadily increase, and will bring utter destruction,” he said, without revealing plans to discredit that government by demonstrating its helplessness in the face of Americans’ culture that could release the Sun’s nuclear power over Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Not so for Obama, who has gone far out of his way to ignore Islam’s jihad ideology that has spurred attacks on Europeans for roughly 1,200 years, and on Americans for at least 214 years. These attacks temporarily ended back in 1815, when Europeans — aided by Americans’ new navy — humiliated and destroyed the Tripoli-based jihad pirates, or corsairs, who had wrecked the Mediterranean basin’s economy for 1,000 years, at enormous cost to European civilization.

Like President George W. Bush, Obama skids and slides, ducks and dodges, rather than name and shame the United States’ enemy — Islam’s jihadi doctrine which threatens Allah’s hellfire against Muslims who do not wage war to spread Islam by force.

It’s a difficult task — the United States is allied with numerous countries where orthodox Islam is the state religion and law, plus the nations’ culture, history and education system, plus a primary source of pride for poor, second-world people. In those counties, few Muslims can even imagine an alternative ideology.

But the jihadis have successfully humiliated and delegitimized Western ideological alternatives to jihad since Obama reversed Bush’s successful use of  Muslim soldiers to gut Al Qaeda in Iraq. When Obama began retreating in 2009, the jihadis began advancing across Egypt, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya,Yemen and Africa, and into the hearts of many American Muslims.

Amid Obama’s failures, some of the GOP presidential candidates do name the enemy.

On Twitter, Walker said “14 years ago, radical Islamic terrorists unleashed unimaginable horror against our country, ending nearly 3,000 innocent lives.”

Donald Trump tweeted out a weak message — “Let’s all take a moment to remember all of the heroes from a very tragic day that we cannot let happen again!” — although he’s previously send out multiple tweets identifying jihad as the enemy.

“Many of the Syrian rebels are radical jihadi Islamists who are murdering Christians. Why would we ever fight with them?” he tweeted in Sept. 2013. “Only in America can a Jihadi thug who murdered women and children be nursed back to health & then get a @RollingStone cover,” he said in 2013 after two Muslim refugees bombed the Boston marathon.

Jeb Bush has also used the “jihad” word. “The threat of global jihad, and of the Islamic State in particular, requires all the strength, unity, and confidence that only American leadership can provide,” he said August 14 in a speech on national security. “Radical Islam is a threat we are entirely capable of overcoming, and I will be unyielding,” he said.

His Sept. 11 tweet, however, did not name the enemy. “We should all take time today to pay tribute to the victims of 9/11, their families & the troops who’ve kept us safe,” he tweeted.

Others followed Bush’s passive tweet. “Today my thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by the terrible attacks 14 years ago. America will not, and must not, ever forget,” said Sen. Marco Rubio. “14 years ago evil tried to defeat us, but free people always prevail,” tweeted Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

This establishment passivity is copied by many in the chattering class — and is enforced by elite hostility towards Americans who identify the threat as traditional orthodox Islam and its long-established doctrine of jihad.

Criticism of Islam’s jihad doctrine should be “properly repressed” because it is powered by merely “ethnic and religious resentments,” Michael Gerson, a former aide to President Bush, wrote in his Sept. 11 op-ed.

Islam is a religion of peace, he insisted, despite having been in the White House on 9/11, 14 years ago. “There is a small but dangerous minority of Muslims who believe that Islam is a religion of war… Those who view jihad as an excuse for murdering civilians are a fringe movement that perverts the peaceful teachings of Islam,” said Gerson, despite the many clear and insistent demands for war in the Koran.

The Koran consists of the direct words of Allah, according to Islamic doctrine, just as the Bible’s 10 Commandments — “Thou shalt not kill” — are believed by Christians to be direct commands from God. Unlike the New Testament, the Koran contains myriad commandments for merciless war against Christians, Jews and pagans until they submit to Islam.

A separate set of Islamic texts, dubbed the Hadiths, describe comments reputedly made by Islam’s claimed founder, a general and preacher named Leader, or “Muhamad.” That format is similar to the New Testament, which recounts witness accounts of Jesus’ actions and words, such as his pacific beatitudes sermon.

The Islamic pressure on Muslims to attack and kill Westerners, however, is still ignored by the U.S. government, 14 years after Islam prompted the 19 jihadis to murder 3,000 Americans.

Yet Obama’s FBI officials deny the link between jihad and Islam — even though they’ve detained 66 Muslims in the United States since early 2014 who have volunteered — usually, pathetically — for the Islamic state jihad army in Syria. The volunteers all Muslims, and nearly all are immigrants imported by the federal government, yet establishment experts refuse to recognize what is in front of their face.

“The typical American recruit is anything but typical,” claimed Seamus Hughes, a former Democratic Hill staffer who now  works job at George Washington University’s “Program on Extremism.”

Fourteen years after 9/11, Hughes’ project still doesn’t mention Islam. Instead, it studies “various forms of extremism, mainly in the United States,” says a press release. The center’s website do not mention “jihad,” or the Koran, but its main report admits that “violent extremism” emerges from Muslim communities.

As by Breitbart about this skew, Hughes replied that “I don’t want to get tied down.” Focusing on Muslims “seems like a simplistic approach,” he said.

For years, Obama has tried to avoid using the jihad-work, and rarely let it pass his lips.

But in 2010, he grasped the central point when he was asked about jihad when on a trip to India by a young woman. “I think all of us have to fundamentally reject the notion that violence is a way to mediate our differences,” he said.

But he preceded that direct statement with a fantastical revision of Islam’s 1,200 year history of jihad, from France to India to Hungary to Vienna in 1683.

“Well, the phrase jihad has a lot of meanings within Islam and is subject to a lot of different interpretations. I will say that, first, Islam is one of the world’s great religions.  And more than a billion people who practice Islam, the overwhelming majority view their obligations to their religion as ones that reaffirm peace and justice and fairness and tolerance.  I think all of us recognize that this great religion in the hands of a few extremists has been distorted to justify violence towards innocent people that is never justified.

And so I think one of the challenges that we face is how do we isolate those who have these distorted notions of religious war and reaffirm those who see faiths of all sorts — whether you are a Hindu or a Muslim or a Christian or a Jew or any other religion, or your don’t practice a religion — that we can all treat each other with respect and mutual dignity, and that some of the universal principles that Gandhi referred to — that those are what we’re living up to, as we live in a nation or nations that have very diverse religious beliefs. And that’s a major challenge.”

It’s a major political and theological challenge that Obama — and most other U.S. politicians — is doing little or nothing to overcome.

Even as a growing number of migrants to the United States bring jihad to America, and huge numbers of young Muslims enthusiastically bring jihad to Europe, Africa, and the Arab world, often as a suicide-bomb in a marketplace crowded with men, women and children. Usually, there’s a brief moment of shocked peace just after the orthodox Muslim detonates his sermon.

On Sept. 11, 2015, Obama announced he expected to invite at least 10,000 Muslims from jihad-wracked Syria to live in the United States.


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