Two Senior Democratic Politicians Lose Their Jobs to Immigrants


Political jobs held by two veteran Democratic politicians have been outsourced to two young immigrants, underscoring the growing impact of mass immigration on white-collar Americans. 

The two Democrats who have lost their jobs to immigrants are both experienced, established and liberal members of the state’s version of the Democratic party: 22-term Rep. Phyllis Kahn and 10-term Rep. Joe Mullery, both from Minneapolis.

They were beaten in state primaries on August 9 by two political newcomers: Somali-born, hijab-wearing Ilhan Omar and Thailand-born Hmong immigrant, Fue Lee. The primaries were arranged by the state’s Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party.

Both immigrants were strongly backed by their racial and ethnic groups. “This is historic, a milestone for all of us, especially immigrant communities,” Abdi Daisane, an Omar supporter, who traveled from St. Cloud, forty miles northwest of the district. “This is something to be proud of as a community,” he told the MinnPost site.

Omar’s website attributed her win to immigrant Somalis: “More than 250 volunteers and 450 individual donors supported Ilhan’s campaign. ‘I am so proud that the majority of contributions to my campaign are from members of the Somali community who believe in my leadership,'” the site said. Somalis in other states supported her, including Washington state and Ohio.

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Kahn was actually beaten by two Somalis–Omar and Mohamud Noor. She had only 1,726 votes to Omar’s 2,404 votes. The second Somali candidate, Noor, edged Kahn with 1,738 votes. Compared to 2014, primary turnout rose by almost 40 percent in the 60B district, which includes most of the University of Minnesota.

The narrow ethnic support from immigrants for Lee, Omar, and Noor is displayed in campaign and victory videos.

Lee won his race against Mullery because of strong support from the growing Hmong community in Minneapolis. He won 55 percent of the vote, with only 2,853 ballots cast.

Lee’s supporters were mostly Hmong. 

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Omar’s defeated Somali rival, Noor, also drew his support from portions of the growing Somali bloc. 

The loss of two Democratic politicians’ jobs to immigrants is a statistical blip in a much broader economic wave.

Throughout the nation, millions of non-politician middle class Americans have already lost jobs to immigrants. Each lost job causes immediate financial losses to the victim, but also tends to drag average and lifetime wages, while diverting some lost wages towards company profits and shareholder value as the economy grows along with the growing population.

Each year, roughly four million Americans turn 18 and start looking for work.

But the federal government invites roughly one million legal immigrants to settle in the United States, nearly all of whom will enter the job market over the following several years. The current population of legal immigrants is roughly 43 million, alongside 270 million Americans.

The federal government also accepts a large inflow of illegals across the southern border, and several hundred thousand “overstays,” or people who stay in the United States after their visa has expired.

The federal government also allows companies to bring in almost 800,000 foreign workers on short-term or long-term work visas. For example, American universities, their business partners, and government research centers now employ at least 100,000 H-1B temporary workers. The same program is also being used to employ about 650,000 lower-wage foreign college graduates instead of American business graduates, pharmacists, designers, accountants, interior decorators, teachers, computer specialists, scientists, and many other professionals.

The newer Optional Practical Training program, sometimes described as the “mini-H-1b” program, is also being used to shuttle more than 100,000 foreign college graduates into jobs sought by recent American graduates.  

This federal policy creates an annual inflow of roughly two million foreign workers to compete for jobs agains the four million Americans who join the workforce each year. The oversupply of labor pushes many marginal Americans into unemployment, lower income brackets, or poverty, even as the economy grows larger.  

Also, skilled white-collar Americans who lose jobs to immigrants or guest-workers tend to flood into lower-paid sectors — such as retail or journalism — which forces down wages for employees in those sectors. 

The replacement of white-collar Americans is also accelerating because a growing number of cities and states — principally California and New York City — are allowing illegal immigrants to get licenses to work in professional careers, such as law and medicine.

Neither Kahn nor Mullery have announced where they plan to apply for new jobs. However, both are likely to find jobs in the Democratic Party’s large patronage network that extends into government-funded universities and non-profits. 

Both of the new immigrant candidates are expected to have easy wins in November in the pro-Democratic districts. Both support the progressives’ far-left divide-and-rule multicultural agenda, which forces groups of Americans to fight for centralized power in Washington, instead of maximizing personal freedom and economic growth in a small-government federal society. 

According to, Omar said:

In Minnesota, we’re number one on every list but we’re also on the bottom of every list when it comes to racial disparities, they are so high. We need to commit ourselves to eliminating racial disparities in an effort to create a prosperous and equitable Minnesota where every person benefits. We need to make sure we’re electing people who are bold in that and who will unapologetically address these issues of building an economy that supports everyone. Closing the opportunity gap, advancing equity for all, really being intentional about protecting our environment.

Democratic leaders are not fighting the demographic changes that are sidelining their long-term supporters. “Ilhan Omar and Fue Lee won hard-earned victories today,” said Paul Thissen, the DLF’s leader in the state House, adding, “Both are bright young leaders in our party and I look forward to working with them in the coming years to make sure our state is responding to the needs of the communities they will soon represent.”

Kahn’s loss came after a bitter fight in the 2014 election, and after years of pandering to the growing non-western communities that are being imported into the state. In 2002, for example, she introduced a bill to legalize the first-cousin marriages that are common among her tribal Somali constituents.

Cousin marriages are commonplace in Islamic countries, partly because they help each clan keep control over the resources: cash, land, government jobs, men, and wombs, for example — that are needed to survive in a tribal, conflict-torn society. In contrast, Western societies have built low-conflict, high-trust non-tribal societies by barring cousin marriage since the end of the Roman Empire, partly because of pressure from the Catholic church.

In the 2014 fight, Omar was injured when rival groups of Somalis expressed themselves in a culturally normative frame during a vibrantly diverse Democratic election meeting:

Ilhan Omar, a staffer for Minneapolis Council Member Andrew Johnson and vice chair of the Senate district, was attacked by a group of about five people. Then a Noor supporter launched herself into the fray and was eventually shoved into a police officer’s grasp.

Police dragged the woman out of the building and handcuffed her, but eventually let her free. Omar escaped without serious injuries.

“I took a lot of punches to the head so I can’t really remember who was hitting me,” Omar said on Wednesday morning of the attack, which left her with a bloodied lip. “I was trying to get my face not scratched off.”    

“The first one hurt really bad. I could not see for a good couple of seconds,” she added.

On August 9, the hijab-wearing Omar celebrated her primary victory with pro-forma praise for the Islamic deity, Allah: “Tonight, we made history,” Omar, 33, said to cheers. “Alhamdulillah [praise be to [Allah]. Tonight marks the beginning of the future of our district, a new era of representation. Tonight is about the power of you.”

But support for Islamic rule, dubbed “sharia,” is commonplace among Somalis in Omar’s district, according to a recent video. In fact, more than 20 Somalians living in Minnesota have gone home to fight for jihad terror groups. Orthodox Islam is hostile to other ideologies and religions. For example, it holds that the Islamic deity has declared that Jews are “the worst of creatures” and should be forced to live under apartheid-like laws. 

In the federal 2016 election campaign, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has promised not to deport illegal immigrants who get a job in the United States. In contrast, Donald Trump’s promised labor and immigration policies will reduce unemployment and drive up Americans’ wages, according to a critical report from a Wall Street analyst who backs Clinton.


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