Daughter Of Rabbi Murdered By Palestinians Invites ​Entire Country To Her Wedding


JERUSALEM – Sarah Tehiye Litman, whose wedding was postponed ​for a week ​after ​a Palestinian terrorist shot and killed her father and brother last Friday​, has invited the entire country to celebrate her nuptials in Jerusalem.

“This evening, instead of wearing the bridal dress, I will sit on the floor with a torn shirt [as per Jewish custom for mourners]​,” Sarah told Israeli newspaper Yedioth Aha​ranot on Tuesday, the original date for the wedding.

“But very soon, we will marry in a large and happy wedding. We will go on and be happy as Father and Netanel always were. We will not be crushed.”

The invitation ​ to​ the Israeli public begins with a biblical quote from the book of Michah: “Do not rejoice over me, my enemy, for I have fallen but I have gotten up​.​”

“Multitudes will come and make us happy,” said Sarah. She and her  husband-to-be, Ariel Beigle, are calling it “the million person wedding.” Sarah added that her fiancé has already adopted the role of surrogate father to Sarah’s younger sisters and brothers.

“Now he will fill a void left by my father and brother,” she said. “My angel in white has a difficult mission.”

Shadi Matua, a 28-year-old married father of two, was arrested for the double murder after his father and brother turned him in to the authorities, ​the ​Shin Bet security agency said.