LIVE NOW! Aaron Klein Radio: WORLD EXCLUSIVE Interview with Islamic State Leader in Gaza on Orlando Terrorist Massacre

Aaron Klein

Breitbart Jerusalem Bureau Chief Aaron Klein’s popular Sunday night radio show is currently on the air.

Click here and select Klein’s name to listen live. Or Tune in on New York’s AM 970 The Answer or Philadelphia’s NewsTalk 990 AM.Tonight’s show topics include:

Tonight’s topics include:

  • WORLD EXCLUSIVE Interview with Islamic State leader in Gaza regarding Orlando and what he knows.
  • Ex-CIA Chief James Woolsey on the Orlando terrorist massacre.
  • Former chief Gitmo warden on Orlando terror shooting, interrogations, and Obama’s drive to close Gitmo.
  • Hillary appointed an unqualified Clinton Foundation donor, financial bundler to sensitive intel post.
  • Plus YOUR calls! 877-970-2999.