Israeli Invention Finds Solution for Spouses of Snorers

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TEL AVIV – A new Israeli invention that eliminates the sound of snoring ​with noise-cancelling technology is flying off the shelves before it even hits them. The device offers beleaguered spouses of snorers the ability to enjoy a quiet night’s sleep.

Ever had a sleeping partner that sounded like a lawnmower gone rogue? Fret no more​, ​because a group of Israelis ​has invented Silent Partner, a device that ​claims to drown out snoring and is soon to be ​available for purchase.

Israeli website Ynet reported that the first line of manufacture has already sold out – the result of a campaign on crowdfunding website Indiegogo​.​ 

Silent Partner does not actually solve the problem of snoring–a health hazard that can cause myriad problems​, ​including increased rates of heart disease. Traditional anti-snoring treatment often uses CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) devices that are uncomfortable and can be–ironically–very noisy.

So instead of tackling the snoring itself, the makers of Silent Partner decided to find a solution ​to the noise. Using a small microphone that senses high frequency soundwaves from snoring, the device transmits a counter soundwave. The two waves effectively cancel each other out, reducing the snoring noise until it is almost inaudible.

The device is being offered to Indiegogo donors for $59 instead of its proposed retail price of $99. The developers raised the $40,000 needed to complete the first production line, ​and ​since then ​have raise​d​close to $100,000.

The campaign ad shows a woman ​lying ​in bed with different men with “snoring” disorders, including a Hell’s Angel character who emits the sounds of a Harley motorcycle ​​a​nd  ​a heavy breather sporting a Darth Vader mask.

 WATCH the ad below: