Israeli Company Lets Online Shoppers Try On Clothes Virtually

AP Photo
AP Photo

JERUSALEM – An Israeli company is hoping to revolutionize the experience of clothes shopping online. Yael Vizel used the technological prowess she picked up during her time in the Israel Air Force (IAF) to invent an app and web platform that allows online shoppers to try on clothing virtually.

ISRAEL21c reported that Zeekit uses deep-image processing to map the topography of a shopper’s body in a standard image upload. The app also allows shoppers to receive suggestions from relevant merchants based on tastes and body type.

Apart from helping shoppers know in advance of purchasing what looks good on them, Zeekit also aims to reduce the costs involved in sending merchandise back to the store. At present, approximately half of all clothing purchases are returned to the store.

“We want to be the Google of fashion and boost the conversion ratio from 6 percent of fashion site users who make purchases to 50%,” Vizel told ISRAEL21c.

Vizel was the first woman to command the Israel Air Force Telecommunication Officers course in addition to being the first female to lead on the ground special-forces tech missions. She was also one of only seven female students in the 150-student electrical engineering program at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.

There have been other attempts at “try-on” fashion technology but most were too complex to be practical.  “We chose to develop something really simple, really comfortable to use and very scalable,” said Vizel.

Major e-tailers (the names of which are embargoed at present) are in the process of piloting Zeekit.