Israeli Lab Seeks To Develop Chicken From Single Cell


TEL AVIV – An Israeli non-profit lab wants to “hatch” chickens from the single cell of a real bird, eradicating the rearing and slaughtering of chickens, ISRAEL21c reported.

Modern Agriculture Foundation (MAF) is the first lab in the world to research the mass production of cultured chicken. Last year, a Dutch university made headlines when it successfully developed a hamburger out of cultured meat grown in a petri dish.

MAF will take on chicken, the world’s most consumed meat after pork. Stem cells taken from live animals is the basis of cultured meat which involves no genetic engineering. The MAF’s cofounders say that the ethics of veganism was the catalyst for the venture.

“We are a group of caring individuals who came to the conclusion that what the world needs urgently, in terms of helping both the environment and animals, is for everybody to go vegan,” said MAF cofounder Shir Friedman, “but that’s not realistic. So when we heard about the idea of cultured meat, we realized this is a way to reduce harm to animals and the environment while giving people the meat they want to eat.”

Friedman hopes for the day when the planet will suffer less damage from the side effects of animal rearing. Cultured meat production would mean up to 80% less emission of greenhouse gases.