WATCH: Moment Suspected Terrorist Is Shot Dead On Street In Jerusalem

screen grab jerusalem shooting
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The video below shows the moment a suspected terrorist attacker is shot dead on a public street in Jerusalem.

The dramatic footage, taken on a mobile phone, shows the 21-year-old walking towards an Israeli soldier before four shots are fired and he falls to the ground. It came after the man had wounded three people in a nearby street.

Seconds later, the woman filming the incident gasps as four more shots are fired before a group of three or four more men arrive at the scene.

“An Arab terrorist tried to run over a pedestrian in his car, lightly injuring him, and then got out of the vehicle with a knife and stabbed a volunteer police officer in the hand,” said a police statement.

“The terrorist, apparently a 21-year-old resident of east Jerusalem, was killed by the gunfire,” the statement said.

Emergency services evacuated two of the injured to hospital for treatment. The third did not require medical attention.