Obama Says Hanukka Story Sounds Like Plot Of New Star Wars Movie

YouTube / White House

President Reuven and his wife, Nechama, were the guests of honor of US President Barack Obama for the White House Hanukka candle lighting ceremony on Wednesday evening.

At the opening of the ceremony, Obama mentioned that in a meeting prior to the ceremony, the leaders had discussed the importance of peace and re-affirmed the unbreakable bond between the United States and Israel.

“All of us come together along with Jews around the world to celebrate a band of  Maccabees who inspire us even today,” said Obama. “They were outnumbered, out armed yet proved freedom can prevail over tyranny, hope can triumph over despair, light can prevail over darkness. That sounds like a description of the new Star Wars movie but this one happened a little earlier,” joked Obama, receiving a loud round of applause.

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