Netanyahu Ignores Samir Kuntar Killing in Weekly Cabinet Meeting

benjamin_netanyahu APOded Balilt
AP/Oded Balilt

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who often uses the opening of the weekly cabinet meeting to comment on hot topics on the national agenda, made no mention Sunday of the killing in Syria of Lebanese terrorist Samir Kuntar.

While Netanyahu didn’t mention Kuntar, National Infrastructure, Energy and Water Minister Yuval Steinitz said on his way to the cabinet meeting that while usually he does not react to “such rumors or reports,” Kuntar was “known to be a very brutal terrorist.”

“He killed a civilian family, including a baby, many years ago and he’s still involved in terrorism,” Steinitz said of Kuntar, whose brutal attack in 1979 killed four Israelis. “So if something happened to him, I think that no civilized person can be sorry.”

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