VIDEO: Israeli Animators’ Viral Clip of Wheelchair-Bound Super Mario

super mario in a wheelchair

TEL AVIV – Israeli animators produced a clip of video game icon Super Mario in a wheelchair to raise social awareness of better accessibility for people with disabilities.

The clip, which garnered upwards of 150,000 views on YouTube and Facebook in a matter of days, shows the fictional Nintendo character in a wheelchair as he attempts to navigate his way over green sewers, unsuccessfully of course. Only when ramps are added can Mario move forward. See it below:

According to ISRAEL21c, the team behind the clip is a group of friends who call themselves Tachles, from the Yiddish/Israeli slang word for “purpose.” It’s comprised of a rock star, Liron Atia from Blue Pill, advertising professional Roi Meyshar, and comedian/social activist Gadi Wilcherski. Atia co-runs a creative studio with Meyshar.

Tachles says it chose to highlight accessibility issues because it is “close to their hearts.” A skiing accident rendered Atia paralyzed in his lower limbs.

“Not So Super Mario” was produced in English to draw the world’s attention to the need for better accessibility regardless of where one lives.

After Mario finishes a level, the following declaration appears on the screen: “It’s not the ’80s anymore. Enable access for everyone.”