‘They Knew the Terrorist Was Here, But Didn’t Want to Snitch’

Tel Aviv terrorist
IDF Photo

Ynetnews reports:

A day after the week-long manhunt for Nashat Melhem ended with his death in Arara, details began to emerge about where he hid during that time and who may have helped him.

Alongside the operation to catch Melhem, who murdered three people in Tel Aviv, security forces also arrested several area residents on Friday who they suspected of helping him to evade capture.

Residents and family members on Saturday morning declined to go into detail, but individuals in the al-Daharat neighborhood – where Melhem had been hiding – and police officials know that he received assistance, especially from family members, since he arrived in Wadi Ara on the day of the attack.

“He slept in a different place each night. They brought him food and looked after him,” a source said.

“Nashat grew up in the al-Daharat neighborhood and had good relations with everyone who lives there,” said a resident. “Many people knew that he was here, but it was difficult for them to snitch and inform the police.

“His family members also didn’t want to be responsible for his arrest and preferred to protect him until the last moment,” the resident added.

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