Victims’ Loved Ones React to Tel Aviv Pub Attacker’s Death

Haim Zach / GPO via Getty Images
Haim Zach / GPO via Getty Images

Ynetnews reports:

“It’s our only solace, and the happy thing is that none of our own were scratched in the raid. I had no doubt that they’d reach him.” So said Dudu Bakal, whose son Alon Bakal was murdered by Nashat Melhem in the Friday attack at the Simta bat in Tel Aviv, after he heard that security forces had killed Melhem.

Bakal added that he and his family were certain that the terrorist would be killed by security forces quickly. “I didn’t doubt it for a moment,” he emphasized. “I was sure that this evil person would be taken down. I was very very happy to hear that none of our own were scratched. All of our guys came home intact and he got the strike he deserved. Everyone needs to learn from this, and know that if they scratch one of Israel’s people, their end will be the same. It’s good to know that he got his.”

Razi Shaaban, brother of Amin Shaaban, the cab driver Melhem murdered after fleeing the scene of the initial attack, said of Melhem’s death, “We waited for him to be caught of killed for a week, because he murdered my brother. On the other hand, it’s still difficult because my brother left behind 11 children who need to grow up alone, as well as three wives. I hope that now a quiet period will start.”

Irit Amir, a close friend of Shimon Ruimi, who was also murdered by Melhem during the Simta bar attack, said of Melhem’s death, “I can’t say it relieves the personal pain, I feel the same feeling, but I’m glad he was killed. That’s how things should have ended. All of the friends waited for this death in order to come full circle, and so that Shimi (Ruimi’s nickname) will be able to rest in peace.”

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