Gay Israeli Couple Discovers Baby Born to Nepalese Surrogate is Not Genetically Theirs

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TEL AVIV – A same-sex couple from Israel discovered that neither partner is the biological parent of a child they brought back to Israel after going through a surrogacy process in Nepal.

Surrogacy is not available to gay Israeli couples, so many choose to use surrogates in Nepal. When the couple returned to Israel in December, they carried out genetic tests that proved the baby was not conceived using their sperm.

Israeli surrogacy agency Tamuz, which was in charge of the process, attributed the mistake to “human error.”

The couple had already had the baby girl in their care for several weeks before the mistake was discovered. They have since returned the baby to the biological parents.

The couple are now waiting to find out if the birth of another child by surrogate was conceived using their sperm.

Israel’s surrogacy law, which was written in 1996, only allows straight couples to use a surrogate in Israel.

Meanwhile, the government of Nepal has halted all commercial surrogacy so the legal ramifications of the process can be determined.