Saudi Town Proudly Announces 211 Requests for Conversion to Islam

conversion to Islam
AP Photo/Amr Nabil

JAFFA, Israel – An estimated 211 conversion requests were submitted to the Saudi ​ government by foreign nationals​ in the last month alone​, the Office of Religious Guidance (Dawah) in the city of Bdei’a announced on Tuesday.

According to the published figures, 143 were men and 68 were women.

“We offer different training programs to foreigners who wish to join Islam,” the director of the Dawah office, Sheikh Mohammed Elsabr, said. “These programs greatly affect the would-be converts.”

Despite the impressive number, Sheikh Elsabr says that ​Dawa should continue its efforts to proselytize conversion to Islam.

“It requires a concerted effort from everybody, from all walks of Islamic society, each according to his ability,” he said. “Our success depends not only on donations, but also to show the pretty face of Islam by behaving in a dignified manner towards ​[non-Muslims].”

​Recently, the Saudi media celebrated the conversion of a prominent French engineer who works for one of the kingdom’s biggest construction companies, as well as an American employee of the Jeddah International Airport emergency services.